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       Shenzhen Ancend Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. Is a company engaged in the CCTV monitoring product development, production, Sales, technical services as one of the best high-tech enterprises, the company R&D, production, sales headquarters in Shenzhen, china, and the production spaces of about 1500 square meters; and has sales and service office in major cities of China.

Before 2006, the company whose main business is to research and development of mobile phones, MP3,MP4 and other electronic products program, began to enter the CCTV security monitoring industry from 2006, has launched the serialization CCTV  SYSTEM: matrix switching/ control system, decoder, decoder board , video transmission products, IR speed dome , automatic tracking, network high-definition, high-speed, medium-speed, low-speed intelligent dome camera and other products.

   In early 2012, company invested the introduction of high-end professionals, began to research the networked digital direction, start the network HD ,video analysis, image intelligent identification ,center server and other products , after a year of fighting, Auto- tracking high speed camera, HD IP network, center server platform system will be launched in 2013. Research and development center has the most information and the development of technical personnel in security industry who continuous improvement and innovation, to provide a safe environment

   ISO9001:2000 quality system standards in accordance with international standards of production and management, to development the production process and test specifications, simultaneously with advanced production and testing equipment to ensure the product quality,The product passed CE, FCC safety certification.

           So far , the company aims to provides the highest quality products at the most favorable prices for customers, to protect the vital interests of the user. Although we have achieved a lot of success, but we have been also working to continue to seek new breakthroughs.

            The future, the company will draw on the domestic and international CCTV SYSTEM rapid market growth opportunities, will continue as always, the development and production of new products for the market demand, increasing research and development efforts on the design of each products to ensure zero defect. Provide quality products at the same time, the company will further create a comprehensive sales and service network, dedicated to provide quality products and prefect service for all users.