HD IR high speed dome camera

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Product Features


1,Some of cameras can callout menu display,DSP design,good Stablity.
2,Built-in memory to store the setting data, which can not be lost after power off
3,Continuous 360°pan turning, 90° tilt turning (180° auto flip).
4,Variable pan speed-between0.1-200°/s,Variable tilt speed-between0.1-120°/s
5,256 presets, 6 tour routes
6,Speed between preset points:Horizontal 300°/sec,Vertical300°/Sec
8,Protocol compatible;RS-485 interface
9,Weather proof design, protection grade IP65
10,Built-in power surge/lightning protection
11,Support network HD output, analog output;Supportdomain name resolution
12,Support IE remote browse their password for remote management, streaming media
forwarding phone HD monitor
13,Abnormal automatic recovery, network outages automatically connect function
14,Embedded LINUX RTOS ,dual core 32 bits DSP (TI Davinci DM368)Pure
15,Hardware compression, watchdog, 32M Flash, 128M DDR2.
16,H.264 video encoding,support dual-stream, AVI format; support stream 0.1M ~6Mpbs Adjustable;


Product Parameters


Movement: 360 °continuous pan rotation
Vertical Movement:180°turn over automatically ,no shadow region
Pan: 0.1 ° - 200 ° / S; Tilt: 0.1 ° - 120° / S
Presets:256; Address range:0-255
Cruising route:5,16 presets each route
Guarding point: duration adjustable limit point scan speed adjustable
Scan automatically: speed adjustable
Baud Rate:(RS-485)2400/4800/9600/19200bps
IR distance :1-120m
Pixel:2000000 = 1920 × 1080 or 1600 × 1200,1300000 = 1280 × 960,1000000 =1280 × 720 optional

Structural parameters
Upper shield: high strength double layer aluminum alloy, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistant
Lower shield: high class acrylic bubble
Installation method: wall mounting/lifting/inseting/ceiling
Environment: indoor/outdoor
Input Voltage:DC12V
Power Consumption :10W indoor, 50W outdoor
Operating Temperature:0-60℃indoor,-40--60℃outdooor
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