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  • Type:    AD485A
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Product Features

CCTV PTZ RS-232 to RS-485 Connector for DVR Surveillance Systems Applications. Necessary for PC Based DVR Systems to Control Pan and Tilt Cameras. This adapter is used to control Pan Tilt and Zoom functions for PTZ decoder boxes and PTZ cameras. Connects to the PC Serial port. No external power required for the converter. Interface converters Opto isolation products Line drivers Repeaters & boosters Lighting & surge protectors.The interface is compatible with RS-232C, RS-485/ RS-422 standards of EIA.TIA.


Product parameters

Electric interface: RS-232 interface is DB9 interface (female). RS-485/RS-422 interface is DB9 interface (male), or RJ-45 interface..
Transmission media: RS-485 is using a pair of twisted pairs.( Shielding is allowed  and 120 Ohm of each twisted pair’s impedance is recommended.)
Working mode:  asynchronous half duplex differencial transmission
Protection rate: 15000V surge protection.
Transmission Rate: 300 bps-57.6 kbps
Transmission distance: 0~3937 feet (0~1200 meters)
Working condition: 32°~167°F (0℃~75℃)
relative humidity 5%~95%
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